Bryce Hall vs. Stromedy – Who Won In The Sparring Match?

Popular TikTok star Bryce Hall and YouTuber Stromedy (Kyle Godfrey) have been beefing for weeks.

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Yesterday they finally agreed to meet and do a sparring match; this resulted in differing claims from both sides about who won the sparring match.

Footage of the fight has not yet been released, and the Bryce Hall team only recorded it.

Bryce Hall Gives his side of the story.

TheBreadBatch asked Bryce Hall to give his side of the story on what happened in the sparring match between him and Youtuber Stromedy (Kyle Godfrey).


Bryce Hall replays, “the footage is coming out Saturday,” and continues to say, “it was 1 round 2 minutes with headgear, got split up 6 times because he was on the ropes getting hit, he jabbed me. Once and hit me one time in the fight….”

He added, “Stromedy was too tired and hurt after the first round to continue,” and he is mad that he “didn’t get the knockout tho.”

Bryce Hall, in the end, states, “if it went to a second round, it would’ve 100% ended in him getting knocked out”.

Stromedy Gives his side of the story.


TheBreadBatch also asked Kyle Godfrey, aka Stromedy, what happened and gave his side of the story.

This is what Stromedy had to says:

“I blacked out during the fight, so I can’t give you a proper opinion on how the fight went. I’m not gonna say I straight up wrecked him. However, people who witnessed it say I landed more clean punches, and Bryce turned it into a wrestling match. The kid got so many fouls. He was throwing haymakers and missing, or I blocked it. There are rumors that people on my side overheard his coach even said it was a draw.”

Stromedy continue to say, “Influencers that were at the fight are saying if we’re talking points / clean punches landed I won”

Stromedy thinks Bryce Hall is gonna manipulate the footage in his favor.

“Bryce is gonna manipulate the footage in his favor. There are also rumors that people on my side overheard Bryce telling people to delete certain clips, but I ain’t confirming that 100%.”

Kyle Godfrey says he wants to see the raw footage so people can opinion about the fight.

“All I know is the raw footage needs to get dropped so people can form their own opinion about the fight.”

DramaAlert covered the story very well; if you don’t know how it all started, the topic starts at 1:27.

Daniel Keem, aka Keemstar via Twitter, says one source told him that Stromedy Won and Bryce’s team would not let anyone film it!

Keemstar later added that he just got off the phone with Bryce Hall, and he told him that the early reports were wrong! Bryce saying he clearly beat Stromedy.

Both Bryce Hall and Stromedy interviewed DramaAlert, and the video will be out later today, so check back later today if you want to see what they have to say.

Bryce Hall vs. Stromedy (BOXING FOOTAGE) INTERVIEW with BOTH!

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