Football fans mocked Jake Paul after posting a clip of him taking a penalty.

Football fans mocked Jake Paul after posting a clip of him taking a penalty

Jake Paul, the YouTuber who has become a boxer in the meantime, was the target of internet irony after posting a clip in which he tried to execute a penalty.

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Ahead of the UEFA Champions League final, Jake Paul has unusually shown his support for Liverpool. It was filmed as it shot towards the goal, and the video went viral in a short time: over 4.6 million views and thousands of comments gathered the American’s post.

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After bizarrely executing a penalty, Jake Paul, the target of irony: “This is why we don’t like Americans when it comes to Football.”

“Come on, Liverpool. Mo Salah, this is for you, ”Jake Paul shouted before hitting the ball. The boxer had a bizarre way of sending the ball to the goal, and the ironic comments began to flow: “The worst technique I’ve seen,” “You’ve just insulted 90% of the city fan base”, “No wonder they lost… I would be too embarrassed to post this”, were just some of the reactions.

He announced that he would fight again on August 13; Opponent to Be Determined. Jake Paul’s opponent is unknown at this time. In the last dispute, the former YouTuber was accused of arranging the match with the former UFC champion Tyron Woodley.

Fans on social media claim to have spotted more proof that Jake Paul’s knockout win over Tyron Woodley was ‘rigged.’

Boxing fans discovered a bizarre gesture of Jake Paul in the images just before the decisive blow. He twisted his glove twice, Woodley lowered his guard, and a few seconds later, the former UFC champion was on the floor, making everyone think of a “rigged.”

  • Five victories, four by KO, were obtained by Jake Paul in the five boxing matches played so far.

Jake Paul Responds To Liverpool Losing Champions League Final (0-1) Against Real Madrid

Jake Paul has a good relationship with Real Madrid star Vinicius Jr. In the past, Paul revealed that they support each other via DMs.

“I mostly follow the players, but that’s about it.”

“Vinicius Jr, that’s my guy.”

“We both support each other; he DMs me whenever I knock someone out.”

“He’s been killing it.”

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