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GTA 5 Online Now On Mobile Devices

GTA 5 Online Game Finally Playable On Mobile Devices
Rockstar Games

This article will find how you can play GTA 5 Online on your mobile phone and what you need to have to play on your mobile devices.

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Starting today, 4/8/2021, GTA 5 Online is coming to Xbox Game Pass, which will also be available via the cloud-based option you get with the Xbox game pass. However, the only downside to this is xCloud, Microsoft’s mobile gaming app, is still only available for android devices.

Xbox Game Pass announced on Twitter, “Games are coming. this is us telling you about them.”

As exciting as this is, for iOS users, xCloud is not available yet; the feature will only be available to Android users for the time being, with Apple currently working on an alternative.

To play GTA 5 Online game on the phone, you will need the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription and the Xbox Game Pass app installed on your Android device.


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