ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company Issues Cease & Desist over YouTubers vs TikTokers Boxing Event

The YouTubers vs. TikTokers boxing event might be over before it even started because it is currently getting sued by TikTok themselves. TikTok ordered a cease and desist against the event organizers LiveXLive. This means that the event could not even go on.

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With only nine days before the YouTubers vs. TikTokers boxing event, the owners of TikTok have issued a cease and desist order, asking the event organizers to cancel the event due to it being unsafe and violent.

The highly anticipated fight night headlined by YouTuber Austin McBroom and TikTok Star Bryce Hall was set to fight on Saturday, June 12th at Miami Gardens’ Hard Rock Stadium.

An article from Business Insider has reported that Byte Dance, TikTok’s parent company, has issued a cease and desist to the event organizers LiveXLive.

Byte Dance, saying that the boxing event organizer Social Glovesusesg the TikTok logo and name “TikTok,” and since TikTok is not affiliated with this, they need to stop.

YouTube creators Keemstar (Daniel Keem), who owns the popular DramaAlert YouTube Channel and hosted the press conference “Battle of the Platforms” with FouseyTube (Yousef Erakat), had this to say about Byte Dance, cease and desist to the event organizers LiveXLive.

According to popular YouTuber, Keemstar, Insider got a statement from YouTube saying that “it’s common for creators to be referred to as “YouTubers” in a non-Youtube event.” “A spokesperson said the company found it inspiring to see the variety of ways that creators are building businesses and continuing to grow both on and off their platform.

Keemstar continues to say, “in this YouTubers vs. TikTokers boxing event; you got Tik Tok saying no no no don’t use their name we didn’t give you permission for that this isn’t an official Tik Tok event.”

He continues to say, “but then you get YouTube saying, oh, we love it all for it.”

Keemstar ends up comparing TikTok and YouTube’s different decisions on this event. “You got one platform that’s supporting creator supporting this like type of stuff, and then you got another platform that’s just disconnected.”

YouTubers vs. TikTokers Subject starts at 4:25 seconds

LiveXLive stated that they were collaborating with their legal team to get everything clarified with TikTok.

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